Tim Harmon- Chief of Sea Girt's Lifeguards and Gail Winterstella Spring Lake/Brielle Rotary President
Chief Harmon gave a great presentation on how to be safe at the beach.  Lifeguards go through extensive training.  Their first priority is to prevent people getting into trouble in the ocean.  Thus, we hear the whistle getting people to move to safe areas.  Their key job is to help swimmers in trouble, getting them to safety and providing first aid where necessary.
He discussed rip currents in detail and recommended people watch an ABC News program about rip currents where a person drowned this past weekend in Florida.  You can Google this at Swimmer's Death in Florida Brings New Attention to Rip Current Dangers.  
Key safety tips:
1. Learn to swim
2. Swim near a lifeguard
3. Swim with a buddy
4. Check with the lifeguards
Our member, Rich "Ace" Aljian has been a lifeguard in Sea Girt for 27 years and arranged the presentation by Chief Harmon.